Special solutions

Customized software for your individual requirements

Due to our many years of development experience with many individual solutions in the field of technical-physical test laboratories, we are of course also able to carry out other developments. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a very special challenge or if you need a solution that you cannot get anywhere else.

Here is a small excerpt of projects that we have realized outside of technical-physical test laboratories:

Collaboration system for hospitals

In magnetic resonance imaging, many clinics have new experiences with certain programs and settings every day. A medical device manufacturer offers its customers worldwide a web-based platform for exchanging experiences or making programs available to others.

The application is directly integrated into the medical device manufacturer's portal. Interfaces to existing databases (delivered devices with their configuration, master data, etc.) prevent inconsistent data and facilitate communication.

Balanced Scorecard System in SharePoint

Using many performance indicators from different areas of a company, this system creates transparency and clarity about processes and the fulfillment of objectives.

A Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 is used as the basis for displaying the key figures, and a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is used as the database. The key figures and graphics displayed on the platform can also be used in other applications on the same platform via so-called Web Parts.

Toolset for material logistics

A collection of tools for tasks in material logistics with functions such as packaging optimization and control, incoming goods inspection and identification by means of images, error detection in incoming goods or warranty testing.

Wherever flexible action is required or where service providers without their own SAP system are used, our toolset optimizes the processes in material logistics through rapid adaptation and flexible expansion options. As is usual in this sector, almost all incoming and outgoing goods are handled with barcode readers.

The data transfer between our toolset and SAP takes place in both directions either by file transfer or RFC online — depending on criticality and update requirements.

Call Center Information System

A solution specially tailored to the needs of a call center with functions such as offer management, contact management, administration of tenders, order management, ordering external services, recording external invoices, checking the services provided and invoiced, creating customer invoices, managing products, people and companies with integrated analysis tools and extensive search and evaluation functions.

Of course, this also involved data exchange with the company’s own ERP system and other applications.

Project and personnel management system

For two large service providers from the cleaning industry we were allowed to develop the support for a smooth process for the handling of cleaning orders also in connection with large events. Here, the topics of trade fair and event scheduling, stock management of consumables and the usual challenge in this industry with the management of many external and temporarily assigned employees also played a major role.

An offline operating mode of the application was a prerequisite for using the functions on site without connection to the company network.

Change management

The recording and evaluation of changes, offer management, change tracking and cost and performance recording were the main focus of this project.

Complaint management

In this application, customer complaints can be recorded and tracked seamlessly. The integrated workflow ensures that no activities are forgotten and everything is processed as defined. Resolutions and decisions can be signed electronically.

Statistical evaluations of training courses

The quality of training measures is statistically monitored on the basis of questionnaires, the results of which are recorded by means of scanners. Evaluations according to a wide range of criteria and in different views and compression levels enable precise progress monitoring.

Project management

The progress of worldwide projects can be closely monitored via schedule and commercial key figures. The view can be summarized at project and country level. Problematic projects or countries are immediately recognized by a sophisticated traffic light system. The drill-down to the individual problem projects is possible with a few mouse clicks.

Room occupancy manager with electronic doorplates

When developing this system, the objectives were, among others: a quick overview of what is currently running in which meeting room and for how long (the display should be directly at the room), the optimization of the meeting room utilization by starting ad hoc meetings or releasing running meetings, the display of important notes or current information (greetings or notes for visitors, display of current figures …) and the interactive display of information.

Store Information Management System

Acquisition and recording of technical information of all kinds in several branches (e. g. cooling temperature in the refrigerated shelves or power consumption of individual facilities) including fault management and automatic fault forwarding to the head office. The facilities are also controlled centrally.

Technical information management system for hotels

Collection and recording of technical information of all kinds (e. g. chlorine content of the swimming pool, electricity consumption of individual facilities). Fault management including automatic fault forwarding. Control of facilities (e. g. lighting, heating, waterfall) from a PC. Used, for example, in one of the largest hotels in the Stubai Valley.

Fault management

Acquisition and recording of technical information of all kinds in mobile phone transmission masts (e. g. temperature in the electronic units). Fault management including automatic fault forwarding and integration into a network management system. Used for monitoring all mobile phone transmission masts at one of the largest mobile phone providers in Austria.

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