TestLab Plus 025

A Starter Kit for Test Laboratories

Screenshot TestLab Plus 025TestLab Plus 025 is a comprehensive starter kit of a laboratory management system. The starter kit supports a typical lab process which is derived from our individual projects and especially aligned with the requirements of the standard 17025. Based on our experience we know that test labs are very different and individual adjustments are needed.

Thus the starter kit’s idea is to enable a lab to start with a huge range of functions within a conclusive lab management system which then can be adapted or enhanced to the individual needs.

Based on the modules the starter kit has a fixed price. Like in all of our individual projects the starter kit as well has no additional license costs, no limits regarding amount of users or installations. The starter kit is modular, scalable, flexible, expandable and customizable and therefore suitable for small or large test labs as well as for multiple of laboratories in global acting company.

  • TestLab Plus 025 is a laboratory management system (LMS) which supports all main processes in test laboratories in compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17025.
  • TestLab Plus 025 is a comprehensive starter kit of a laboratory management system. It has a fixed price based on the needed range of functions. There are no additional license costs or limitations regarding amount of users or installations.
  • There is a variety of starter modules available for TestLab Plus 025.
  • TestLab Plus 025 is a fully operational, complete, flexible software package which can be modified and expanded in accordance with the customers specific needs.
  • TestLab Plus 025 functions as basis for an individual LMS which is developed in a separate project with dacore.
    As our customer, you decide how customize your personal LMS.
  • TestLab Plus 025 is a well-proven laboratory management software. Similar individual software systems are implemented at many customers of dacore.

TestLab Plus 025 overview

  • customer data management
  • contact management
  • calculation an quotation
  • order management
  • time & resource scheduling
  • management of test samples
  • creation and management of test plans and templates
  • assign performed work to orders and tests
  • invoicing (internal costs, external pricing)
  • creation of letters and status reports
  • management of measuring equipment
  • integrated quality management system
  • creation and management of test reports including integrated image processing and assignment of measuring data
  • document management system
  • integrated workflow with messaging system
  • intelligent query function
  • outlook AddIn to store e-mails
  • feature to store data out of the MS-Explorer
  • administration tools
  • Multi Lingual Userinterface (german and english by default, prepared for more languages)
  • Multi Domain System
  • Multi Currency System
  • Multi Server Concept
  • Web Interfcace for Customers (Order Requests, Order Tracking, Document Retrieval)

Options for starter kitWith pre-defined starter kit options the functionality can be extended if e.g. customers should be included or requirments for multi location usage have to be considered.


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