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No more effort with calibration protocols

You all know this: after calibrations of your measuring and test equipment have been carried out, the calibration records and data must be manually assigned to the measuring equipment and the data updated. This can be avoided.

25 years dacore

How time flies: dacore recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The company was founded on 31.07.1995 as a sole proprietorship with the business purpose "Creation and distribution of programs".

Ready for the new 17025?

Modules to extend your lab management system 

At this year's Annual General Meeting on July, 12th 2019, the Management Board again reported very good figures and a sustained upward trend. 

Close integration of operational processes with those of quality management 

This is how we imagine an Integrated QM System and that is exactly what is available now. 

Dacore Datenbanksysteme AG can look back on its most successful year in the company's history. 

Many thanks for the overwhelming interest in the Lab Management Conference, which took place for the sixth time, this time under the motto "Lean, digital, virtual, global, connected, 4.0 - all keywords". 

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