Social responsibility

Social responsibility is very important to us. Predominantly, that means having a responsible and transparent company management along with monitoring. In addition, the fulfillment of social requirements, laws, and regulations as well as the impeccable ethical behavior of the organization and all employees are part of this responsibility.

We bring social responsibility and commit ourselves to occupational and environmental protection. As we know, our services and products have a high influence on the processes and the success of our customers. Therefore, we encourage and motivate our employees to strive for top performances. We train our staff based on the job market requirements as well as the social and health requirements. 

Basic rights of employees

We as an equal opportunity employer, encourage equal employee treatment regardless of color, race, nationality, social background, disability, sexual orientation, political or religious belief, gender, or age.

The individual dignity, privacy, and personal rights are respected at any time. Nobody is unwillingly employed or forced to work. We distance ourselves from child labor and do not employee people under the minimum age of 15. 

Health and safety

We take responsible for the health and safety of our staff as we minimize risks and provide for the best possible prevention against injuries and vocational diseases. Due to trainings, we ensure that all employees are knowledgeable with regards to occupational safety. 

Competitive integrity

We neither tolerate nor participate in any forms of corruption or bribery, including third party payment offers or comparable benefits, that would influence our decision making process. 

Environmental protection

We strive to minimize pollution and risks by being economical and considerate of the use of all resources.  Therefore, we take part in the continuous improvement of protecting our environment.


We openly communicate with employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders about the requirements of our social responsibility. Proprietary data of our partners is treated strictly confidential.

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