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About Us – the History of dacore


On July 31st dacore Datenbanksysteme has been founded as a single-member company in Neukirchen am Brand. The first order was about the optimization of a statistical product quality monitoring system for a medical product manufacturer.


Some small projects in the area of material logistics have been developed. The statistical product quality monitoring system has been completed.


The first customer complaint management systems are developed and the statistical product quality monitoring system has been enhanced. The first version of the information management system "InfoLINE" is generated.


A development cooperation with Elektro Schiller GmbH & Co. KG is initiated. The first version of the technical information system "FIS" for supermarkets is established. We develop a toolset for material logistics and SAP interfaces for the purpose of two-directional data transfer. We supervise the first in-company diploma thesis in the field of customer complaint management.


We begin with the development of our "TestLab Plus" system for test laboratories and extend the technical information system "FIS".


With a widely extended range of functions "TestLab Plus" is adopted by further test labs. The toolset for material logistics is extended and there is a further development of our SAP interfaces, both on-line and two-directional via Remote Function Calls.


After the change of our corporate form from a single-member company into dacore Datenbanksysteme public limited company, we became the exclusive development partner of ELMAX plc in Augsburg. Our technical information system was broadly extended and employed to monitor a hotel in Stubaital. At the same time, we took on the in-company apprenticeship training of our first IT specialists. We also upgraded our process monitoring systems with a call center management system. In 2001 we also received further orders from test labs.


Company headquarters were transferred from Neuenkirchen am Brand to Heroldsberg. New developments in the area of customer complaint management systems followed, as well as the development of a breakdown monitoring system in cooperation with Schneider Electric Austria which is deployed throughout all of Austria and integrated into the network management system "HP Open View" from Hewlett-Packard. In addition, we developed a new complaint management system and a system for change management. Further process steps and various intranet graphical user interfaces were added to "TestLab Plus".


Development of a system for personnel and project control on behalf of a large dry cleaning enterprise. We replaced part of the SAP system of a customer with "TestLab Plus", adding integrated appointment and resource planning to the system. The technical information system "FIS" was adopted a number of branch stores of a supermarket chain in Salzburg and our system for depicting electronic signatures integrated into the customer complaint management application. We created two new training positions for IT specialists and installed a completely new infrastructure for the home offices (IP telephone, VPN connection).


We were successful in also implementing our integrated appointment and resource planning into other applications. "TestLab Plus" was adopted by further renowned test labs and its database platform extended with Oracle. The second half of the year witnessed a strong demand for "TestLab Plus". A new communication level for all applications was adopted which was able to optimize test equipment management and, in addition to test equipment administration, also contained test equipment monitoring. The service sector was considerably enlarged. WebEx was adopted as the new platform for remote support. We created new job openings.


More test laboratories decide in favour of our product "TestLab Plus". New modules for automated document creation and administration are successfully put into operation, the performance range in the area of server support is expanded and the technology platform is upgraded with extensive WEB connections. There is also a perceptible increase in the demand for our products by the automotive industry. We develop a customized solution for the paperless qualification of monitor devices for a renowned German auto manufacturer. We create new job openings.


Two large automotive suppliers decide to employ "TestLab Plus" to acquire operational data with mobile devices. A new module for acquiring data from peripheral devices via RFID or bar code is integrated, the document management system is extended with lab specific features for administrating test reports and the existing customer complaint management system with extensive performance features such as, among other things, a WEB connection. "TestLab Plus" is successfully put into operation by a large international manufacturer of façades, and the first certification centers decide to employ "TestLab Plus". Our apprenticeship programme is quite successful and we continue to train IT specialists - so far we have been able to offer permanent positions to all our trainees. We create new job openings.


The “multi domain capability” has been added to TestLab Plus as well as a “multi lingual” user interface. Some car manufacturers are interested in our developments regarding qualification of control units. The first lab management conference in Weimar exceeds all expectations. Some more certification offices decided to use “TestLab Plus”. A big of demand for very specialized document management systems came up. Almost all of our customers had follow-up orders. The first mobile application for operating data logging to optimize the resource scheduling functions for two large automotive suppliers has been developed.


Consulting for engineering processes has been added to our portfolio of services. A lot of new features have been developed such as one more module for measuring tool management, integrated test stand management, a new web interface for calibration requests and management, strong enhancements for some user interfaces, much more functionality added to some SAP interfaces. New projects started for automotive suppliers and some certification offices. Two new trainees have been started; the one who finished has been employed. The second lab management in Leipzig was again very successful; the number of participants could be almost doubled.


Bringing together the work processes and administrative processes will continue to be supported in our lab management systems. A direct connection of the EMC32 measurement software from Rohde & Schwarz has been successfully implemented. Many new features such as the integration of Google Maps in the functional area of customer relationship management are newly available. With the new starter kit "TestLab Plus 025" several new customers have been able to introduce a laboratory management system with predefined functions within a short time. The activities in the United States are becoming increasingly important. Despite the economic crisis the 3rd Lab Management Conference in Dortmund had many participants. Again, all our trainees had been employed. For 10 years we are dealing with lab management systems and thank our customers with an anniversary campaign. The annual financial statements for 2009 confirmed the best result in the company's history.


The measuring software BATEMC of Nexio can be connected directly to our lab management systems. In the area of environmental simulation a S! MPATI interface for devices of Weiss Umwelttechnik / Vötsch Industrietechnik is available. Together with INSYS TEST SOLUTIONS we have developed a mobile solution for validation of measurement systems. These all are steps to support our customers even better in integrating their measuring tools in their laboratory management systems. Our applications have been enhanced with new features, such as flexible workflows, graphical user interface to design test sequences, a storage location management or an easy evaluation of measurement data. The training issue remains as a key position for us, we start our own portal for trainees. The office space will has been expanded by approximately twice. The 4th Lab Management Conference has been held in Merseburg, the parallel partner exhibition has been well received. We have commissioned a market and trend analysis and go the challenges for technical physical testing laboratories in the next few years are highly motivated and flexible, customized development steps.


Developments based on Microsoft SharePoint for sales and management applications and in the QM area have been added to our service portfolio. The Meeting Room Manager is available as a standalone system. The application is originally from laboratory management systems, as well as here, the planning of resources and display the availability of free resources is an important issue.


A first customer-internal Lab Management Conference has been held in Stuttgart. For many customers multi-location solutions have been implemented in order to achieve an international exchange of data and still be able to operate at a high performance in the local laboratories. Several new developments based on Microsoft SharePoint have been successfully implemented.


The integration of additional measuring systems simplifies the acquisition of individual measurement data and measurement series, such as for measuring systems from Zwick, Sartorius, Bareiss or Heidenhain. Especially the issue structured data acquisition of measurement results and their analysis is a focus in some applications. A new development of a complete Web-based laboratory management system based on Microsoft Silverlight.


The concept with flexible parameters to define the test parameters, recording the measured result data or dynamically define test sample base parameters is established in many applications. A Web application with special requirements has been implemented. In this case, the Web portal of a customer for quotation and order management through a connection in another Web Portal of Retailers was involved. The actual customer logs in at the Retailer and is automatically connected with the lab’s database. Compatibility with all Office 2013 applications was ensured.

2015: dacore celebrated its 20th anniversary

For 16 years we develop individual solutions for technically physical testing laboratories. From this experience our starter package TestLab Plus 025 was created a few years ago. This year again several new customers started projects on this basis. Due to the wide range of functions a rapid deployment was possible even if individual requirements had to be considered. Technologically we could assure that the implementation of our systems under Windows 10 or the use of Office 2016 can be done without changes.


After a longer break the 5th and very successful Lab Management Conference took place in Nuremberg under the motto "Same tasks ... and yet so different". The exhibition and lectures offered a broad spectrum of topics from very different areas, spiked with many experiences and suggestions from the practice. With our newly founded subsidiary pragmatic minds GmbH, we are focusing on solutions for data analysis, search solutions and data management for all industrial sectors. Today more than 200 labs and more than 2,500 users are working with solutions from dacore.


The starter package was once again the basis for the development of new projects, more than ever before this year. The starter pack is now also available in the cloud for testing purposes. Our cloud is now being used to test new features in some customers. Global collaboration was the focus this year for a number of customers who optimized the collaboration of their globally distributed laboratories. A laboratory community for the exchange of experience of laboratories has been set up.


As part of the Sixth Labor Management Conference, we dealt with keywords such as lean, digital, virtual, global, connected or 4.0 in relation to testing laboratories. With 10 presentations and the accompanying exhibition, various practical solutions were presented and many aspects discussed. Our online workshops on the reorientation of the ISO 17025 were very well received. The fully integrated, digital QM system complements many new features of several laboratory applications and of course our own information management system.

With the founding of dacore Datenbanksysteme AG in the year 2001, the enterprise was organized into the three divisions 'Lab Management Systems', 'Process Support Systems' and 'Information Systems'.

Each of the three divisions is further subdivided into the following functions: 'project related developments', 'product sales' and 'services', each of which is responsible for the implementation of the requirements in their sectors.

Our customers are regionally distributed as follows:

  • Arnsberg
  • Augsburg
  • Berlin
  • Bielefeld
  • ietigheim
  • Blomberg
  • Bremen
  • Clausthal-Zellerfeld
  • Deggendorf
  • Detmold
  • Dillingen
  • Dresden
  • Ebermannstadt
  • Erlangen
  • Espelkamp
  • Essen
  • Forchtenberg
  • Geroldsbach
  • Giengen
  • Gilching
  • Haan
  • Hamburg
  • Hüllhorst
  • Ingolstadt
  • Karlsruhe
  • Kiel
  • Köln
  • Lippstadt
  • Lübeck
  • München
  • Nürnberg
  • Osnabrück
  • Paderborn
  • Raunheim
  • Regensburg
  • Rosenheim
  • Rottenburg-Ergenzingen
  • Saarbrücken
  • Schkeudiz
  • Schwalbach
  • Schwieberdingen
  • Sindelfingen
  • Straubing
  • Stuttgart
  • Traunreut
  • Weissach
  • Wolfsburg
  • Winchester
  • Toulouse
  • Dornbirn
  • Fulpmes
  • Innsbruck
  • Salzburg
  • Wien
  • Vauffelin (Biel)
  • Arad
  • Auburn Hill (MI)
  • Farmington Hills (MI)
  • Plymouth (MI)
  • Syracuse (NY)
  • Cuautlancingo
  • Toluca

The locations listed above constitute the headquarters of our customers. Domestic and foreign branch offices and locations are not listed.

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