Software developement

You need more than just a run of the mill system? You're looking for further evaluation options for your database which your current system doesn't provide? You'd like to map process steps which your existing system doesn't take into account? Why not have us develop a system for you which is customized and in complete alignment with your needs? Just tell us what you need - we'll take of everything else!

Our Basic Philosophy

We develop software for business information systems and technical applications - individual, customized solutions which are effected in close cooperation with our clients. These systems are a matter of existential significance for both our customers and ourselves; for our customers because without them many of their business operations would come to a standstill, and for us because the development of these systems is our sole and primary business activity.

We have to develop good systems because our existence as a software house would otherwise be rendered moot. That's why producing software of high quality is not just a matter of paying lip service for us but is our daily reality put into practice by the contributions of each and everyone of our employees. 


For more than a decade the question of "phase models versus evolutionary models" has been the subject of passionate debate in professional circles. There is much to say in favour of the former, as well as the latter model.

That's why we try to make use of the advantages of both models, though the evolutionary approach plays a more dominant role in our work. If you would like to know the reasons for this, have a look here at a brief comparison between the two methods: