Process optimization

You want ideally matched processes and software tools?

You want to ensure a smooth handling of your software project and use the new system as soon as possible to gain acceptance?

You want a professional tender before selecting a supplier?

We offer consulting as supportive service or as project for following fields:

  • analysis of processes and tools
  • requirement analysis and definition
  • optimization of processes and systems
  • choice of tools and systems
  • project management
  • management of R&D
  • improvement of efficiency in laboratory management

We focus on enterprises with technical-oriented business processes and work methodically as well as operatively for departments as

  • development
  • production
  • maintenance
  • technical sales and distribution
  • IT

We work in close cooperation with you to optimize your business processes. Our approach aims to optimize efficiency, administration, allocation and profitable use of knowledge, information and data.

Our customers value our strong systematic approach as well as our experience in handling/ deal with/ processing different interests in a neutral and target-oriented way. 

Analysis of Requirements

The Challenge

Analysing the requirements of your software project or your plans calls for a thorough knowledge of your enterprise's processes and operations. Taking into account all the user groups is hereby a matter of priority.

It is naturally important to specify the requirements as precisely as possible. On the other hand, the software concept should be flexible enough to allow for further, future development. Describing the requirements in detail is thus called for rather than simply offering ready-made solutions.

For projects with a number of interfaces or those which influence other systems or facilities, respectively, are influenced by them, it might be important to also carry out a risk control analysis.

Questions over Questions

What method or what kind of structure or form can be used, though, to prepare such a description of the requirements? Do you need a user requirement specification or a functional specification? And just what is the difference between the two? Has the issue of "rights" been taken into consideration? Will I possibly have to pay for more licenses? Who is responsible for upkeep? Do I need to carry out a risk analysis? Do I even have anyone in my organization who can effect such an analysis? And last of all: Is that really our job?

And when the project has been commissioned: Which requirements are implemented in what way? Are all the requirements fulfilled? How are the requirements tested?

Solution Options

Make things easier for yourself by concentrating on your core competences and let specialists take care of the rest. You are a pro in your field of expertise just as we are in the field of analysing and formulating requirements which also encompasses their traceability subsequent to implementation.

We can help you analyse processes, determine the corresponding requirements and  formulate and document them in a comprehensive and unique manner. We employ standardized methods of requirement engineering for this purpose.