Custom software

Perhaps you've often asked yourself why you end up spending so much time dealing with matters that keep you from doing your real work. Why do you keep finding yourself racking your brains about applications and database models, analysing the requirements for your new system, trying to find the right system for your needs, calculating operational and service costs, to say nothing about having to retrain your employees and keep your database up-to-date... No problem. Contact us and we will be glad to help you solve such questions quickly and in an easy to understand manner!

Process optimization

You want ideally matched processes and software tools? You want to ensure a smooth handling of your software project and use the new system as soon as possible to gain acceptance? You want a professional tender before selecting a supplier? Follow the link! more ›

Software developement

You need more than just a run of the mill system? You're looking for further evaluation options for your database which your current system doesn't provide? You'd like to map process steps which your existing system doesn't take into account? Why not have us develop a system for you which is customized and in complete alignment with your needs? Just tell us what you need - we'll take of everything else! more ›

Operation and Service

You'd like to be able to reliably plan your budget and find the best service contract for your purposes among the wide variety of options? You're looking for a customized solution which can optimally deal with your individual software at foreseeable costs? Then just have a look at our offers! more ›


Wouldn't it be ideal if all your users were thoroughly familiar with the relevant applications? In the way which the process in which they work requires? And the administrators would be able to offer further help in each and every situation? We provide customized training concepts for your users and administrators. And, if you want, we can even organize and implement the training courses for you! more: more ›