Quality Policy


Providing long-term value for our customers is our goal. We orientate our activities towards long-lasting customer satisfaction. Increasing customer satisfaction is part of our main company principles.

Sense of quality

Due to our customized services and solutions, our customers set the benchmark for quality. Therefore, the customers’ opinion on our quality is crucial.

The individual performance of each employee, the planning and monitoring of quality, and security related activities helps to ensure our quality standard.

As a result, we fulfill those quality requirements which are expected by our customers in the form of specifications, standards, and/or other regulations.


The performance of our employees is our most important capital. The motivation and satisfaction of our employees and their long-term engagement ensures our customers the highest quality in our services.

QM System and QM Certificates

Our integrated and certifed QM system is based on ISO 9001:2015. In this section you can download the certificates.