Our Partners

Tried and tested network

Here you can find information and links to our partners and come to know the different forms of cooperation our enterprise is involved in.

pragmatic minds, Nürtingen

Business intelligence and analytics, data management and big data tools and methods are pragmatic minds GmbH's very focused topics. An intensive cooperation on development issues, especially in the area of our laboratory customers, combines our two companies.


Testo Industrial Services GmbH, Kirchzarten

As a service provider in the field of calibration and test equipment management, Testo Industrial Services GmbH offers a complete service portfolio from calibration to qualification and validation. In several joint interface projects, an automated calibration data exchange with Testo Industrial Services was realized. The common interfaces with the help of PRIMAS solutions avoid media breaks. This greatly reduces the maintenance effort and improves the data quality in the Dacore system.


Rohde & Schwarz, München

Rohde & Schwarz is not only a leading vendor for EMC measuring equipment but also delivers turn key EMC labs and complete test chambers. dacore and Rohde & Schwarz have decided to provide integrated test management solutions for their customers and therefore have a joint software development to integrate and link measuring data and lab management processes.


NEXIO Group, Toulouse

NEXIO has been developing and commercializing EMC test and measurement automation software since 1995 and is present in all the phases of electronic product development for many companies and works in all domains (e.g. Aerospace, Aeronautics, Automobile, Defense, Telecommunications, Transport). The common developed interface between dacore's lab management solutions and NEXIO's measurement automation software leads to additional values and process improvements for our customers.


apiscore, Fuerth

Apiscore offers highly customized outsourcing solutions for complex sales tasks. Management and managers use Apiscore GmbH as a strategic partner for target market definition, efficient customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. Successful sales marketing with high reliability.


COEO Systemhaus, Schwaig

We see ourselves as an integral partner in the information technology and telecommunications understanding the relationships and workflows of a modern company and defining and implementing the matching solutions. The sustainable care and support is also one of the main pillars for a solid infrastructure.


rief media design, Munich

The Munich full-service agency rief media design realizes the strategic, visual and technical development of corporate and brand communication.


mr-technik, Simbach

mr-technik assisted us in the integration of quality-relevant requirements according to ISO 9001: 2015 into our information management system and led this system to certification. In addition to quality and process management according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, mr-technik offers further services in the areas of conformity assessment of products and technical documentation.



The Siemens health insurance company supports us to provide tailored health care programs to dacore´s employees. Based on SBK´s experience and competence we offer a couple of pro-active health protection services to its employees.



A partnership of many years allies us to the world market leader in the area of front-end operating and development systems. As development partners our customers can rest assured that their user applications and database systems from dacore have been created with the latest Microsoft know-how.



Due to their security, saleability and portability, Oracle products have set market benchmarks. We also use these products for database grounded software solutions. Together with Oracle we develop project related performance and security applications.



With the integrated products from Adobe we develop process oriented solutions for the document management of our customers. A range of typical applications can be found in many enterprises. We employ Adobe, for example, in test laboratories for process specific tests which are used to draw up and administrate test reports.


Netronic, Aachen

Customized bar charts can be generated with NETRONIC Software GmbH's VARCHART XGantt product. With the use of these diagrams you can plan and visualize procedure sequences and the capacity utilization of resources. Coherences and changes over time can be ascertained more quickly in the form of bar charts by making use of their grapical depiction tool. We use NETRONIC Software GmbH's products for the appointment and resource planing of TestLab Plus.


Globalnorm, Berlin

In October 2004 dacore Datenbanksysteme AG signed a strategic partnership agreement with Globalnorm a service provider for regulations and standards. Both enterprises today provide services for test laboratories in different areas of expertise. Our services and products effectively complement each other, creating considerable added value for test laboratories.


CSV GmbH, Nuremberg

CSV GmbH is an IT service provider located in Nuremberg, Germany with focus on SAP solutions and services. For small and medium-sized companies they are also qualified consultants and partners for any kind of network and IT support needs.


Schneider Electric Austria, Wien

Together with our development partner Schneider Electric in Austria, we develop solutions in the field of technical information systems. One of our current projects is the joint design and installation of a nationwide failure monitoring system for mobile phone network stations in Austria. Schneider Electric Austria is also our exclusive supplier for SPS systems.


InterQuality Service AG, Augsburg

InterQuality Service AG supports us in the rollout and implementation of our quality management systems and provides counseling regarding enterprise development. We, in turn, support InterQuality, in analysing IT system and software requirements.