Company Profile

Individuality, innovation and trust - these are the three core concepts which have defined the company philosophy of dacore Datenbanksysteme AG since its founding in the year 1995 and as guiding business principles of our enterprise they have cemented dacore’s reputation as a reliable partner in the field of process-accompanying management systems. In 2001, the company was converted to a public limited company (German Aktiengesellschaft). The company is located in Heroldsberg near Nuremberg.

For dacore, individuality means the challenge of developing individual software solutions which fulfill the specific requirements of our customers down to the last detail. Aside from designing customized, ready to use complete systems, dacore also provides integration of new segments into already existing systems.

For dacore, innovation means to find new solutions together with the customer for the entire business process, providing noticeable improvements and competitive advantages for our customers. In particular, we attach great importance to the simplicity and usefulness of the systems.

Trust is the basis of cooperation between dacore and its customers. Non-inflated prices, transparency, reliability, as well as technical support and consulting by trusted contact persons, characterize the relationship between us as an enterprise and our customers.

dacore's core business is the development of management systems customized to the individual needs of our customers for technical-physical test laboratories in order to make their processes more efficient, to increase their efficiency and to lower their testing costs / unit costs. Many companies from various sectors in Germany, Europe, China and the USA recognize the potential that lies in the efficient process design and appreciate the competence of dacore Datenbanksysteme AG. Many new developments or the seamless integration of quality management systems are well received by existing and new customers. In addition, the laboratory managers and other responsible persons are given a possibility to exchange experiences by means of the online community, the laboratory management conference and the offered webinars, among other things, for reorientation of the ISO 17025.

In addition to specializing in management systems for technical-physical test laboratories, dacore Datenbanksysteme AG also develops and implements solutions for process-accompanying systems for the service sector, technical information systems and special applications.

Various projects have been successfully implemented in the fields of medical technology, automotive, IT, communication technology, logistics, construction, automation as well as private and public service providers.

The software solutions include all the relevant category groups of modern enterprise processes - from the first customer contact to the final payment In addition, dacore's products offer a wide variety of innovation options for the entire range of operation processes: improvement and complaint management, scheduling and resource planning, document management, activity recording, data and measured value logging and comprehensive statistical analysis provide the basis for a continuous optimization of processes. Fault logging, escalation management and multi-project management guarantee that the customer is able to deal with exceptional circumstances in a reliable and resolute manner.

Successful cooperation with enterprises in Germany and abroad attests to the validity of dacore Datenbanksysteme AG’s company philosophy: Individuality, innovation and trust as the basis for successful, satisfied and long-term business relationships.

Our Focus

Our focus is the development of individual management systems for technical-physical testing laboratories. Technical-physical testing laboratories differ considerably from laboratories with a purely analytical focus – in almost every process step. On an abstract level, it is always about the same thing in principle, but it is the details that differ considerably that are decisive.

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